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Who We Are


In 2015, brothers Bill and Chuck Davis, along with their partner Bridgforth Rutledge, took their love of service and passion for automobiles and opened GoShine Express Car Wash. GoShine is not just your run of the mill car wash. We use industry leading technology and top of the line washing compounds to make sure you're getting the very best car wash your hard earned money can buy.


Every wash package we offer is crafted with care and precision to make sure your vehicle shines like new. Our top of the line Ultimate wash package uses a three step Ceramic process, which not only shines your vehicle, but also protects your paint from dirt and water. All of our wash packages also include free access to our high-power vacuums and air guns.



Our Mission

As a family owned and operated business, our goal is to provide state-of-the-art car cleaning technology to preserve your vehicle and keep you well taken care of. Everything from the quality of your wash down to those little blue towels is aimed at providing a place where you and your family can feel welcome and taken care of.

Going Green


Many people believe that washing your car in the drive way is a more cost effective way of cleaning your vehicle. But, did you know that's not actually the case?


On average, washing your car at home expels 200 gallons of water into your driveway. This is wasted water, full of soap and pollutants. All this wasted water drains into the nearest sewer and into the waterways where it can cause problems for everyone. In comparison, GoShine’s water recycling efforts only use about 35 gallons of water per car.


We are committed to providing a wash that is environmentally safe, saves you money, and keeps your vehicle looking brand new. We've made sure that every washing compound used in our tunnels are biodegradable and environmentally safe. The innovative technology we use also captures the soapy water after a wash cycle, filters it, and then reuses that same water in future washes. That’s right, we recycle our own water!


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